Mounted Sergeants
Sergeants at Arms
Foot Sergeants
7 set(s)
6 set(s)
7 set(s)

12x 28mm multi-part plastic Mounted Sergeants, which can be assembled with several choices of weapons, shields, heads and accessories.

Includes options for Standard Bearer and Musician.

12x 28mm multi-part plastic Sergeants at Arms with a mixture of barded and unbarded horses. You can build several types of Sergeants with a choice of many weapons among which you’ll find crossbows for assembling Mounted Crossbowmen units.

48x 28mm multipart plastic medieval infantry soldiers of the 12th-13th century. Several weapon options like spears, swords, axes, maces and crossbows are included.

You’ll be able to build up to 24 Crossbowmen and/or up to 48 Foot Sergeants figures.